How Diapers was acquired by AMZN

Marc Lore, the founder of Quidsi. The company operated sites like and—charmingly descriptive brand names that call back to an earlier online era. Lore and Bezos had a vicious feud in the aughts that was fueled in part by a price war over diapers. Amazon cut its prices continuously and eventually forced Quidsi to agree to a buyout in 2010. Lore worked at Amazon for a couple of unhappy years and is now trying to defeat Bezos once again with Today, Amazon announced that Quidsi will end its operations and 263 people will be laid off.

It might seem odd to think it’s a good thing for the Amazon CEO to shutter a company he paid $545 million to buy, but you have to understand the minds of petty men. For Silicon Valley tycoons, the businesses they start are like their children. Lore saw his child executed today and he’s currently running a business that was almost destroyed by Amazon until Wal-Mart jumped in and bought it.

Today, Jeff Bezos has crushed his enemies and seen them driven before him. But he’s still only number two. He’ll need another $10.4 billion to catch up with Bill Gates. Watch your back, Bill.


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