What are the most popular websites in US 2017?


After a thorough review of the top 500 website data from the Alexa,  few interesting findings to share with game changers

1. The largest number of news website keeps on bugging me about the genuine purpose of internet being built- the information highway, news in few days are called news , more than that is called information archived for futuristic research usage. but i wouldn’t restraint myself from saying the challenge that traditional media are facing , the Washington post’s sale to Bezos is a significant example. so what is wrong with the traditional media was the way the news is produced and the way the people consumed the media are changed along with the ubiquitous of  internet and mobile phones , of course social media claim a cause there too.  there was cases of cases of where Twitter are being first informed before any media, Everyone has become a reporter today !  and why people has to log on to the never changed portal for information with e absurdy rampant advertisement. there are far better user friendly interface for them to be informed.

Look at TMZ , the interactive and entertaintative way has given them a solid catapult. and there are artificial intelligence powered by machine learning and big data has being applied in this domain to  curate and recommend users the content they prefer.

So watch out :

A.  News site are still the hotspot  to venture in , it is neither earlier, nor later.  Content are still the final thing what people are looking forward over there

B.  Be sure to take the disruptive way of produce and disseminate them , hence like it says old days passed with Yahoo sold in cheap.

2.  There can’t be any argument on the Community’s development over internet, which facilitate us to find like kind and stay together,  on 2012 , Next door was introduced in a very subtle manner, five years later it bing-banged the top 500 list , which is what would we say , ” the survival of fittest ” i believe !   one point i would like to leave it here is big kick you away from the case of  Nextdoor ,  as more and more community  iare formed based on psychographic, Hmmm yes that is the right word.  if you are interested kindly follow the subsequent of  this series .

3. You might be surprised by the surge of internet education,  yes following Khan’s academy to MIT’s Edu , from Udemy.com to instructure.com, from sparknotes.com to blackboard.com, traditional education is gradually given a way to the emergence, and it hammered on the old guy that everything will change along the way technology wanted us and don’t forget the quizlet.com , who says if you can’t handle education, let me do it in a better way

4. E-commerce, needless to see the 20-30 million new adoption on amazon prime , the four chinese Ecommerce portal have quietly and shocking squeezed into top 500 list , namely AliExpress, Taobao, Tmall, Alibaba, Hmmm , i did remember the notorious counterfeit here and there, while shall we called it an inevitable, alibaba used to penetrate this market long time ago and they cut off their office in US , went back to china , and now they returned , thanks to Amazon’s Prime ,which is a determinant trigger for the mass majority shift since , this logistical advancement is really kicking the ass of brick and motor, E-commerce will advanced further and closed more sears’ store , isn’t

5. Lifestyle , i believe , it is the first time categorization in history in parallel to news , since the segment is growing bigger ,Livestrong.com,Lifehacker.com, Littlethings.com,  i tend to believe they are community proven either ,what is your view ?

6. We need review, Honest & Neutral , for games , smart wares , movies, food, politics and so one , even for the smart wares , we have Engadget.com,Pcmag.com,Howtogeek.com,Gizmodo.com etc. and we also have http://www.kinkly.com for adults to my knowledge, is there any review sites for amazon ?  kindly let me know

7.  Affiliate , they mean deals , cash back , price comparison, taboola , Groupon, onclicks, Ebates… i believe deals are not value , Worth are value , what do you think , will you buy stuff because they are cheap and discounted ?

8. Movies, means netflix ,Hulu, youtube, also some new stuff like 123movies.is and Putlockers.ch, would not have time to look into it , it should be interesting to check how long they stay

9. Blog, mean tools for blogging , wordpress, blogger.com, blogspot…

10. Photo, video and flirt mean instagram, or snapchat and Tinder like

Further ,  the naming of website tends to be +r , like flickr.com and even fiverr.com , or something with feed or buzz , so i suggest somebody smart like you to register some of these before someone else do it




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