How They Got Started: Facebook , Snapchat, Tinder-Hormone+word of mouth+ organic

Facebook got started with being a Harvard campus photo Love-maching site , where Mark hacked in to the archival files of the school , and picked up the girls photo and display on its site and lets classmate to rate them, it got viral inside the campus first, its about the  hormone effect, later some of the confounder of his team , looked like the tween brothers has sued Mark for idea stealing , maybe the two can not code, and had mark co-created the idea , but the coding is being done by mark , mark is drown with development of the idea, and you know , the realization of the idea is most important, not idea itself.  when the ” social network ” i mean the movies showed when the tween approached the chief of Harvard for complaining , the answer is ” find another idea”

Facebook started with Hormone+word of mouth + organic 

Snapchat had started th journey with similar fashion with Facebook from standford , where the three founders fought into a chaotic augment of novelties , with one of the them has been ousted.  snapchat started with a million dollar idea of i want the photos the girls send me vanished , that triggered the founders indulged themselves in coding for vacations, when one of founder’s mom to another mum about the app , and the other mom told his daughter about this, later the daughter spread this in high school and this is the 2011 christmas , the earlier app is called picaboo

Snapchat started with Hormone+word of mouth+ organic 

Tinder started with LA

” Sean Rad knew he had a hit app on his hands, he says. Downloads rolled in quickly, and engagement metrics were off the charts” they texted 500 people and 80% of them signed up ,  one founder’s younger brother was throwing a birthday party for his best friend at USC, and he had a bus going from USC to his parents’ home. The bus was going back and forth, so a total of about 500 students,  the passenger has to show that app before boarding , when they are home, they opened the app and used it

They would go to sororities and fraternities and talked about Tinder, They would that night see 100 sign-ups. Every single sign-up in the beginning mattered.

So in the beginning of January, we had about 20,000 users, and at the end of January, we had 500,000 users — all organic. The growth curve was unimaginable. It was pretty amazing.

Tinder started with Hormone+word of mouth+ organic 
So finally, you know what i menad




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