Selling consumer product is no different from selling sea Food

with the age of fast development, information symmetrical attributed from social networks and omni ownership of mobile phones, a innovative products is just get commoditize in a very fast manner , shrinking from years to months, even weeks lately your competitor will come out with a augmented version of your new product, and thanks to the the flexible and modular manufacturing capability, it is not a constraint for modularization as well.

Yesterday, i had discussion with the Vice president from , who is a topnotch in STEM market, and the first mover in the modular robot assembly toys for the education and competition purpose. he conveyed to me the same concern , why they can grow exponentially in terms of profit in the last couple of years, since there category of school education for physics and chemistry have not changed for decades, so their product is enjoying a significant long product life cycle and economy of scales plus the worldwide applicability.

Likely in Xiaomi. who is the rapidly developed consumer smart ware company ,with literally from mobile phones , TV , electoral rice cooker, air purifier, power bank, wristband….. , while the founder Lijun told me once, selling mobile phone is just like selling fresh food… product get down to the commodities every soon, and what the solution out ?


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