What about the ecosystemic company ?

There are some companies claiming themselves to be ecosystemic corporations, is it fashionable and stylish for a startup with a tag of ecosystem orientation, is it imaginative for an executive to build a ecosystem ? is it …..

I tried my first start journey in india with the so called ecosystem building , my approach is to meet all the upstream and downstream clients and vendors of ours, i did it with 2 meeting per day , personally i was well connected and a little well known there in the industry, the year of 2014 , we had 67 million installation of users in india , almost 90% of college student knows us,  we had 12 million download in our content site.

Eventually,  due the strategical fallacy, we failed  miserably  and terribly with a marketing expenditure of 2mm dollars. the management is warned by me many occasions and in different manner, it just failed…

When i am to be retrospective :

Ecosystem is not built , it is natural grown , like the plants , it is biological syndrome , it is not man made. meeting enormous people sometimes is a waste of time, i appreciate those CEOs , who introvertedly focuses on building products , rather than liaisoning in industry


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